Q & A

Questions and answers

What can I do If I only have a few items for ironing I won’t hit the minimum order value requirements?

1) You can get you neighbours or flat mates to buddy up with you and send in a joint order.

2) If you are not in a hurry you could wait until next week when your order will get larger.


Can I get my items ironed or dry cleaned regularly?

Yes. Actually that is the nature of our business. Most of our customers have weekly or fortnightly set dates for collection and delivery. You don’t even have to be at home if you provide a safe place for collection and delivery.


Do you have a referral scheme?

Yes. For every new customer that you refer who spends over £20, you get a 10% discount voucher that you can use for any of your future orders.


We have a lot ironing or dry cleaning, can I have a discount?

Yes. We offer very competitive rates for commercial contract customers such as Pubs, Hotels, Schools and Restaurants. Request a quote!


Can I tell you what I think about your business?

Yes. Speak your mind. We are here to serve you. Don’t hesitate to call us or email us about anything relating to our business.


What is your the turnaround time?

We provide a 24 hour turnaround on ironing and dry cleaning and 48 hour turnaround for laundry.


When do you collect and deliver?

We have a standard collection and delivery every weekday between 17:30 – 21:30.


How do I pay for your services?

Payment is possible by cash, bank transfer, card or cheque.


Is there anything I can do to ensure the ironed clothes look perfect?

Yes. If you could wash your clothes with fabric softener and also not over dry them, they will be easier to iron perfectly. It can also help a lot if you could fold all clothes into a bag or a basket and not stuff them.


Do you supply hangers or garment covers?

Yes. All our hanged items are supplied with hangers and garment covers to ensure no damage will come to them.


My shirt has a lot of symbols on the label. What are they?

The symbols help us identify how an item should be washed or ironed. Please find below some of the most common laundry symbols: